Terms and Conditions

To ensure security and safety for our valued guests and Đá Đĩa Beach House, during your stay at Đá Đĩa Beach House, please take note of the following regulations:


Check-in time: 1:30 PM (Please contact us if you wish to check in early).

Check-out time: 12:00 PM (late check-out will incur additional charges: after 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, an extra charge of 100,000 VND/hour; after 5:00 PM, a full day charge will apply).


  1. Please do not leave valuable belongings in the room. Đá Đĩa Beach House will not be held responsible for any damage, loss of money, jewelry, or other valuable items left in the room.
  2. Đá Đĩa Beach House will only keep forgotten items for 30 days from the checkout date. We will make an effort to assist you in retrieving your belongings as soon as possible, and you will be responsible for the transportation fee.


  1. Prohibited items: flammable substances, explosives, weapons, toxic substances, and addictive drugs are not allowed inside Đá Đĩa Beach House.
  2. Smoking is not permitted in the rooms, on the floors, and in designated no-smoking areas. In case of smoking in restricted areas, guests will be fined according to the regulations of Đá Đĩa Beach House.
  3. The infinity pool at Đá Đĩa Beach House does not have lifeguards, so guests are responsible for themselves and their accompanying family members during pool activities.
  4. Prohibited activities: solicitation of prostitutes, gambling, and any actions that disrupt the order at Đá Đĩa Beach House.
  5. Cooking, laundry, and ironing are not allowed in the rooms.
  6. Moving, dismantling, or tampering with the furniture and equipment of Đá Đĩa Beach House without authorization is strictly prohibited. In case of loss or damage to items and equipment in the room due to negligence, guests will be liable for compensation based on the price list of items/equipment in the room. If any items or equipment are not listed, compensation will be based on the market price of a new product of the same type, plus shipping costs if applicable.

Đá Đĩa Beach House will report any suspicions of illegal activities or activities that disturb the order to the relevant authorities and reserves the right to refuse service.


  1. Durian, mangosteen, and pets are not allowed in the bedrooms at Đá Đĩa Beach House.
  2. To ensure safety and privacy, Đá Đĩa Beach House will not clean the room when guests are inside without their consent.


  1. Visitors are not allowed in the room after 9:00 PM. However, in necessary cases, consent from the Manager of Đá Đĩa Beach House is required.
  2. Unauthorized occupancy of additional persons in the room without the consent of Đá Đĩa Beach House will incur additional charges as per regulations, or service may be denied.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you sincerely!