Privacy Policy

When accessing the website, it means that you have consented to your personal information to the host unit. However, we always care about the security and privacy of our users, and are absolutely committed to the safety that you provide.


Besides, we also note that when you access the website, it means that you agree to the following terms.

1. Ensure information for service providers

The information that you provide to us such as name, address, phone number, email is for us to serve you in contacting and registering for the services of the website. This means that some of your personal information may be made public in order to better serve you,

2. Declare when using the service

The content we provide on the website is for your service. Therefore, you can also use the information on the website without any cost and without having to disclose the information. Unless you sign up for a specific service, we will ask specifically.

3. Related entities using the service

The content or information and products on the website may be provided by third parties. Therefore, when you need it, we must provide the information to the parties. But Da Dia Beach House is committed to not buying and selling information for profit. It's all about customer service.

4. Ensuring information security

Website has the function to prevent unauthorized access to information. The information you send to the service provider is absolutely confidential. They always perfect their skills to have the best measures to prevent information disclosure when using the website.

5. Add and edit information

When the information you provide needs to be corrected or supplemented, will follow the request. The information that customers want to change will also be met in the best way. This helps customers get the correct source of information when accessing the website.