Ganh Den Lighthouse: A must-check-in place when coming to Phu Yen

Ganh Den Lighthouse: A must-check-in place when coming to Phu Yen

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Thứ 10/11/2023
Ganh Den Lighthouse is a famous tourist destination of Phu Yen, adorned with pink cliffs stacked among the blue of the sea.

Ganh Den Lighthouse is a beautiful check-in place that fascinates any travel addict whenever coming to this land. Amidst the immense clouds, the clear blue sea surface emerges a proud lighthouse adorned with countless pink stone slabs, just like that, no one can hold back.

Ganh Den Lighthouse: History of Ganh Den lighthouse.

If you have the opportunity to visit the land of Phu Yen, you definitely can't miss the lighthouse. Coming here, you will admire the lighthouse standing proudly under the sun, enjoy the sunshine and wind of the sea and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery that makes people fall in love..

The origin of the name Ganh Den lighthouse.

Phu Yen lighthouse belongs to An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, extending 1km along the coastline.

Previously, people often called Ganh Da Den, but since 2002 the lighthouse was built, local people changed it to Ganh Den.

The reason for the name Ganh Den, according to local people, the word "Ganh" because there are many cliffs here and the word "Lan" means to refer to the lighthouse. The use of the name 'Ganh Den' shows the simplicity of the local people, but it also shows the true character of this place.

History of Ganh Den lighthouse.

Lighthouse Ganh Light is located in Phu Hanh village, An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen. Built and completed in 2002, with the task of signaling the door to help ships operating in Phu Yen waters determine the direction in and out of Xuan Dai and Clumsy Hi.

Ganh Light Lighthouse can light up to 17 nautical miles, the light center is 22.5m. The height of the lighthouse is 10m, located on a large cliff to guide boats at night.

How to go to Ganh Den lighthouse?

The main lighthouse is located in Tuy An district, about 30km north of Tuy Hoa city - Phu Yen. The lighthouse built here belongs to the door indicator light, which helps ships operate at night in the waters of Phu Yen province.

Because it is located quite far from the center, it is in a relatively unspoiled area, so to get to Ganh Light Lighthouse, you will have to move along a rather complicated route.

Starting from Tuy Hoa city, go along the coastline, run through O Loan lagoon towards Ganh Da Dia about 30km. The coastline is quite difficult to go, so you need to be careful when moving to get the safest journey

However, with what will be admired, all the hardships of the journey will not make you feel embarrassed, because it will certainly be a worthy reward that nature bestows.

What's so beautiful about Ganh Den Lighthouse?

In terms of the beauty of Ganh Den lighthouse, its surface is surrounded by layers of black-brown colored rocks with a bit of dark pink, stacked on top of each other, creating a rather fancy effect.

If you look at Ganh Da Den at sunset, when the sun is still red and running towards the horizon, the effect on the pink rocks will be even more special.

The wild beauty of Ganh Den Lighthouse.

Ganh Da Den is clearly untouched by human impact. Because of that, it creates a very natural place, both primitive and attractive.

Under the golden sun, you will be able to watch each white wave crashing against the rocks, the sparkling pink color shining in the sunlight and the breeze of the sea as if refreshing the soul of each visitor.

Standing on the shore, looking out into the distance to see the rocks of all shapes interspersed, undulating on the blue background of the sea. From the cliffs, you suddenly realize that you are so small in front of nature, the vast space without seeing the horizon makes you want to vent all your worries before the majestic mother nature.

Ganh Den is most beautiful at sunset or at night. At sunset, the sun shines on the rocks creating a beautiful orange-pink color.

Late at night is even more beautiful because at that time the lighthouse was on, in addition to the lights of boats from the sea. That scene is likened to a light-filled night in a certain night city.

Fun place near Ganh Den Lighthouse.

There are many other interesting tourist sites near Ganh Den Lighthouse that you can visit. First of all, it is impossible not to mention Ganh Da Dia which is only a 15-minute walk away. You will definitely want to come back if you have been here once. The name Ganh Da Dia is familiar to the people because of the structural features of this place. The stones here all have a relatively similar shape, similar to a hexagon, especially when they are stacked on top of each other. If you look at Ganh Da Dia and you will see a lot like the pieces that children at home often take out to build castles.

The next place is Mang Lang Church, a place that also gives you a surprise. This is the place that is known as the oldest quan ho catechist in Vietnam, you can be overwhelmed by the beauty that is both ancient and dreamy.

The church is designed in the Gothic architectural style with meticulous attention to detail and will certainly not disappoint you when you come here.Homestay, hotel near Lighthouse Ganh Den.

One of the motels very close to Ganh Den lighthouse that you can completely visit such as Timothe Beach Bungalow or Ocean Beach Hostel in Song Cau town, Phu Yen. These two motels are convenient to travel, clean, and the room rent is also very reasonable, about 250k-350k/room/night.

In addition, if you want to rest comfortably, you can book a room at Da Dia Beachhouse right next to Ghenh Da Dia to admire 2 famous landmarks at the same time.

One of the hotels you can refer to is as follows:

Sala Tuy Hoa Beach Hotel (3 stars).

Kaya Hotel (4 stars).

Saigon - Phu Yen Hotel (4 stars).

Cendeluxe Hotel (5 sap).

These are all comfortable and modern hotels, meeting all your needs. These amazing accommodations are sure to make your experience the best one.

Note when coming to Ganh Den Lighthouse.

The road to the lighthouse is very small, you can only travel by motorbike.

At the foot of the lighthouse is a large area, you can camp and enjoy the sun and wind here.

Ganh Lamp has many smooth, flat rocks, very suitable as an ideal fishing spot.

Do not miss watching the sunset here, because it will be difficult to find an ideal place to admire such beauty.

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Ganh Den Lighthouse: A must-check-in place when coming to Phu Yen

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