Hon Yen: Checkin point with coral No. 1 Phu Yen

Hon Yen: Checkin point with coral No. 1 Phu Yen

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Thứ 08/11/2023
Hon Yen is an island possessing in itself an enchanting coral beach, a blue water coast creating a poetic and lyrical space to attract tourists.

Phu Yen is not only famous for its charming natural scenery but also for its system of beautiful islands. One of those islands is Hon Yen - a destination that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit. This place is a favorite destination for young people to check-in. Let's explore this interesting island with us!

What is beautiful about Hon Yen?

Hon Yen is a very wild place that has not been exploited much. Therefore, the ecosystem and vegetation here are very diverse and rich. You can enjoy the experience and admire this place.

The rare beauty of Hon Yen.

Hon Yen is surrounded by a cluster of Phu Yen seascapes. When you arrive here, you will be surprised with the crowded scene, bustling with boats docking in the early morning, and fresh sea fish. In addition, you can also see the moss-colored rocks, the rocky beach connecting from the sandy beach to the bottom of the wave.

In the afternoon of the first or last days of the month, when the tide level of Hon Yen Phu Yen recedes, revealing layers of paved rocks piled on top of each other, along with golden sands that look very poetic.

The sea water here is jade green, sweet and pure. Hon Yen is also home to many unique seafood such as squid, anchovies, yellow-breasted crabs, etc. In cages located along the coast, people often raise and release valuable lobsters. High.

It can be said that the beach here is still pristine. When you come here, you will see cactus bushes standing proudly in this sunny and windy land. According to the people, in the past, this place used to be an island far from the sea. However, today, the island is only a few tens of meters from the shore due to the phenomenon of sand encroaching on the sea.

On low tide days, a road connecting Hon Hon and Hon Yen will appear. You will have the opportunity to walk in the middle of the sea, watching the colorful coral reefs, blending with the shimmering seascape.

What to visit in Hon Yen?

Hon Yen Island includes Hon Dun, Hon Yen, Ban Than, Vung Choi, Ganh Yen, Hon Choi, forming a natural landscape. The island is only about 100m from the shore, so in the dry season, you can enjoy walking to Hon Yen.

Tomb of Mr. Nam Hai.

As a country that values religion, almost all tourist attractions have spiritual and religious places. Coming to Hon Yen, you will have the opportunity to visit the Tomb of Ong Nam Hai, this is the place where people in the area gather to pray for their health, family and especially their journey to the sea.

This is also the place to carry out the big and important rituals of the year-round fishermen living on the sea, the Cau Ngu Festival.

Stop by here, you will enjoy the charming natural scenery, immense heaven and earth. The majestic mountains, overlapping with the same message, stand tall in front of the big waves pushing white foam to the shore.

Bai Xep.

Standing from Ong Nam Hai Mausoleum, you can see the image of Xep beach undulating in the distance, this place is very famous because it used to be the filming location of the movie "I see yellow flowers on green grass" which is very popular with the public. favourite. With the advantage of geographical location, from this place you will easily reach other places in Hon Yen Phu Yen.

Hon Dun (Hon Hon).

Coming to Hon Hon, you will experience the feeling of walking in the middle of the sea, delight in watching the diverse layers of coral hiding under the clear blue water. In addition, you can also enjoy catching snails, tasting Phu Yen seafood dishes.

It is interesting to visit Hon Hon on low tide days (the first day of the month or the full moon day), the sea will recede to create a path from the mainland to Hon Hon. That is the best time to see corals and take photos of nature in the journey to discover Phu Yen.

How to get to Hon Yen.

Hon Yen is located in Nhon Hoi village, Tuy An district, about 20km from Tuy Hoa city center, the road to Hon Yen is quite easy, especially for "backpackers", this road becomes extremely gentle. .

Starting from Tuy Hoa city, you run along Highway 1A about 15km to Phu Diem junction. Next, turn right onto the concrete road or ask people about Nhon Hoi village. When you come to Nhon Hoi village, you can take a boat to Hon Yen island.

Or you run along the Northeast, after passing through 3 communes An Phu, An Chan and An My, you will come to Yen market. When coming here, you should ask the people here the way to Hon Yen Phu Yen.

Note when exploring Hon Yen.

- This place has very beautiful coral reefs, belonging to rare goods. Even so, this is a very sensitive and vulnerable resource. Therefore, when you come here, you need to choose an appropriate location and be responsible for coral conservation. Absolutely do not trample or destroy corals.

- If you want to experience outdoor activities such as: catching the sunrise, camping, etc., you should not go alone, but in a large group to ensure safety. Furthermore, it's best to have locals with you.

- The island is still quite wild, there are no services to provide food or drink, so you need to proactively prepare in advance.

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