Vung Ro Bay: An immortal song in the heart of Phu Yen

Vung Ro Bay: An immortal song in the heart of Phu Yen

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Thứ 05/01/2024
As one of the most beautiful and famous bays of Phu Yen, there is Vung Ro historical relic with special historical significance and high aesthetic factor.

Overview of Vung Ro Bay.

Vung Ro Bay Phu Yen is located in Xuan Hoa Nam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province, is the natural boundary of Phu Yen province with Khanh Hoa province. This is not only a famous seaport of Phu Yen but also of the whole Central region. With an area of ​​about 16.4 km2, the Bay is surrounded by three majestic mountain ranges of Da Bia Mountain (in the East), Hon Ba (in the West) and Deo Ca (in the North). Hon Nua in the south is shielded.

The most convenient way to travel to Vung Ro Bay, Phu Yen.

About 33 km from Tuy Hoa city center, Phu Yen province, there are many means of transportation to choose from such as tourist bus, car or motorbike. However, to fully enjoy the airy, cool atmosphere and green vegetation along the two sides of the road, motorbikes are the perfect choice.

How to move to Vung Ro Bay Phu Yen: Starting from Tuy Hoa city, you run along National Highway 1A. When you reach the middle of Ca Pass, you will see a sign indicating turning into a small road going down to the coast of Vung Ro.

The ideal time to go to Vung Ro Bay Phu Yen.

The weather here is divided into 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season. From about March to September, the weather is quite cool, suitable for fun activities on Vung Ro Bay as well as exploring attractions in Phu Yen. Moreover, coming to Vung Ro Bay at this time, you have the opportunity to experience fishing activities with fishermen and taste the freshest seafood. The rainy season starts from September to December, at this time there are often storms, floods and quite cold weather. Therefore, please follow the weather forecast before deciding to travel to Phu Yen at this time.

What to explore when coming to Vung Ro Bay Phu Yen?

Vung Ro Bay Phu Yen (located in the continuous tourism cluster of Van Phong - Dai Lanh - Vung Ro) has been evaluated by the World Tourism Organization as one of the most beautiful resting landscapes in Asia, comparable to that of the World Tourism Organization. compared to other famous landmarks in the world.

Peaceful natural beauty.

At any time of the day, Vung Ro Bay exudes a rare beauty! Whether it's dawn or dusk, bright noon or dark night, this place always has a strong attraction that makes every visitor who has ever set foot here be mesmerized and captivated by the natural beauty. This.

From the top of Ca Pass, looking to the Northeast, a fresh and vibrant natural landscape appears right in front of your eyes. The blue color of the sea, sky and clouds blends with the majesty of the rocky mountains and islands as if they are extending their arms to protect Vung Ro Bay, creating a very special attraction of this coast.

You will admire the smooth sandy beaches stretching along the immense blue sea, waving in the cool water and playing freely in the peaceful and quiet space. Those are the things that everyone is waiting for after a long day of being jostled by life.

Vung Ro is also known for its colorful coral reefs and seafood. It is really a big mistake if you ignore the experience of diving to see corals, dropping fishing rods in the sea, and enjoying fresh seafood at extremely affordable prices.

Imprint of the ship's history without numbers.

With an important strategic location, Vung Ro used to be the place to receive secret weapons and personal belongings transported from the North through historical unnumbered trains. From 1964 to 1965, Vung Ro received four ships safely docked and received thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition for the battlefields of the Central Highlands and South Central.

Peace was restored, Vung Ro changed with the green color of life. But when you come here, you still see the wreck of an unnumbered ship lying on the seabed for decades with a stele commemorating heroes and martyrs who fell for the cause of national reunification.

Standing at Vung Ro junction, you can see the symbol of the ship without number. After visiting and taking souvenir photos around the monument, you can follow a small path around the foot of the mountain, which is paved quite spaciously. With a mountain on one side, and a sea on the other side, you will surely be surprised and delighted. On the way to the unnumbered wreck, you can stop and light incense to commemorate the fallen heroes here.

Interesting experiences at Vung Ro Bay, Phu Yen.

There are about 20 kinds of coral with colorful, fancy shapes like a giant flower blooming on the bottom of the vast ocean. The coral reef here is not located in too deep puddles, you just need to snorkel into the sea to see the beautiful panorama of nature under the blue sea. So don't forget to experience this extremely interesting coral reef diving experience.

In addition, this sea also possesses abundant aquatic resources such as fish, shrimp, squid, ... so fishing activities of fishermen are increasingly invested and developed. You can experience going with fishermen to go fishing, enjoy delicious dishes made from fresh seafood right on the fishing boat. Or you can also rent a basket boat to fish on the sea and watch the red sunset in the late afternoon.

Famous dishes in Vung Ro Bay, Phu Yen.

When coming to Vung Ro Bay, you can visit the ecological floating rafts to rest and eat. This is a form of combining both aquaculture and tourist service of local people. These floating rafts are scattered close to the sea in Vung Ro Bay.

Fresh seafood such as grouper, cobia, lobster, mantis shrimp, gravel shrimp, snails, oysters, crabs... are all grown in rafts, you can freely choose and eat here. Raw seafood is prepared on the spot, guaranteeing you a delicious meal!

What should you pay attention to when coming to Vung Ro Bay Phu Yen?

To fully explore the beauty of this place, you can keep a few things in mind for a safer and more fulfilling trip.

To visit during the journey, you should plan to charter a boat in advance.

You should do your own research or seek the support of locals to get tips on how to negotiate prices.

Since you will mainly go by boat or boat, you should choose suitable and comfortable clothes that will be better for you when having fun in Vung Ro Bay.

When you have come to Vung Ro Bay, you should combine sightseeing with a few other nearby places such as Dai Lanh lighthouse, Ganh Da Dia ....

Maybe Vung Ro Bay is still a strange place for many people, but this place is expected to become a famous and interesting tourist destination in the future. Do not hesitate to plan to Vung Ro Bay for your next trip.

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