O Loan Lagoon: A dreamy tourist destination of Phu Yen

O Loan Lagoon: A dreamy tourist destination of Phu Yen

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Thứ 07/11/2023
O Loan lagoon is a brackish water lagoon located close to the sea mouth with idyllic and rustic beauty. Looking down from above, the lagoon looks like a phoenix spreading its wings across the region.

The beautiful scenery of O Loan lagoon became famous after the movie "I see yellow flowers on green grass" and became an attractive and attractive tourist destination. Let's explore the land of Phu Yen with us to have the best experience when coming to O Loan with a series of famous beautiful scenes here.

The legend of O Loan lagoon.

The origin of the name O Loan lagoon is a famous legend that has been transmitted orally by people for centuries. It is said that there is a fairy named Loan whose beauty is great, but loves to play, so she rides O Thuoc to fly to the world to travel.

When flying over the land of Tuy An, the bird landed here due to the fatigue of its wings, making the fairy and the bird turn into a lagoon. From there, the name O Loan is a combination of her name and the name of that bird. Perhaps so, when viewed from Quan Cau pass, O Loan lagoon looks like the wings of a phoenix spreading its wings to cover an entire lagoon.

Where is O Loan lagoon?

O Loan is a large lagoon stretching along National Highway 1A, at the foot of Quan Cau Pass, in the town of Chi Thanh, Tuy An, Phu Yen, about 22 km north of Tuy Hoa city center.

The area of O Loan lagoon is about 1570km2, famous for its dreamy, peaceful and rustic beauty, located right next to the sea mouth. This is a national landscape of our country.

Directions to O Loan Lagoon.

One of the very favorite means of tourists is renting a motorbike to be able to travel through the green rice fields, the aroma of new rice mixed with the saltiness of the sea makes your soul suddenly refreshed. in an unusual way. Coming to O Loan lagoon, you can also combine visiting other famous landmarks of Phu Yen such as Ganh Ong, Bai Xep, ...

When to explore O Loan Lagoon?

Time is not too important because any season of the year, O Loan lagoon possesses extremely beautiful and charming beauty. However, in order for fun activities to be convenient, as well as to explore many other famous landmarks of Phu Yen, you should go in the dry season, from January to September every year. The peak tourist season is around July-August. At this time, the sky is clear and the sun is golden, which is very suitable for you to immerse yourself in the sea and enjoy the cool water.

Especially, if you come to O Loan lagoon in January of the lunar calendar every year. This is the time when many unique traditional festivals take place, with many interesting and attractive activities that you can experience such as: fishing festival, boat racing, worshiping gods, playing games, etc.

By what means of transport to Dam O Loan?

Moving to O Loan is quite easy. You can easily reach Tuy Hoa city by bus or train with a time of about 12 hours to two days.

In addition, another option that saves a lot of time that you can choose when exploring Phu Yen tourism is to travel by air with familiar airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar at a low cost. from 700k to 2,500k/round trip.

After arriving in Tuy Hoa city, you move along National Highway 1A to the north, when you reach the foot of Quan Cau pass, turn right and run a short distance to O Loan lagoon.

What's interesting about O Loan lagoon?

O Loan Lagoon in Phu Yen with its charming beauty has become the location of many paparazzi. Here, people clearly feel the peace, quiet but also full of anxiety and nostalgia. At the most beautiful moments, so many photographers have created photos that just at a glance people want to come to this place to be able to directly admire that beauty.

Admire the dreamy nature.

O Loan lagoon is beautiful at any time of the day, but perhaps the most magical and shimmering is at dawn and dusk. There are a few small and beautiful fishing boats scattered on the calm lake surface, helping to adorn the outstanding natural picture of this place.

If you stand looking from the west, the picture of nature is drawn by small undulating mountains lying close together. If viewed from the east, the most prominent is Cao Bien tomb - a small sand exchange located close to the sea, which is accreted by the rotating wind. In the center of this lagoon is the image of two large rocks stacked on top of each other called Hon Chong.

When the dawn has just dawned, the first rays of the day, paint a vivid picture of fishermen starting a hard working day with the sea. The image of fishing nets on single-painted canoes is probably one of the emotional images that you can capture when coming to O Loan Phu Yen lagoon. The fresh air in the morning will help you dispel the fatigue of daily life.

If the dawn here is pure and pure, the sunset in O Loan lagoon is the brilliant beauty of heaven and earth. The red sun shines on the water surface, O Loan lagoon is like a bird spreading its wings to find a peaceful place to live.

The whole lagoon area is dyed orange-yellow like a shimmering watercolor painting that will make you bewildered to watch. In that picture, there is an image of fishermen returning home after a tiring day with many gifts of the sea that makes you restless. That intimacy and simplicity is indeed an unforgettable attraction of this lagoon.

Explore O Loan lagoon seafood.

As a brackish lagoon located close to the sea, the seafood here has a special flavor that is not inferior to any other sea in our country. One of the famous dishes of this place is oysters, a type of seafood that is a must-try when you come here. Hao has just been caught and processed by fishermen, so it is still very fresh and firm. Delicious dishes from oysters can be followed such as grilled oysters with onion fat and oyster porridge.

In addition to oysters, another dish that also attracts you is Huynh De crab, this special crab only lives in deep and cold waters, has a lot of nutritional value and rarity. In this place, you can also enjoy many different types of seafood from the restaurants around the lagoon.


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