Da Bia Mountain: The fairyland of Phu Yen

Da Bia Mountain: The fairyland of Phu Yen

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Thứ 27/03/2023
To get to the top of Da Bia Mountain, you have to climb about 2000 steps, and on the way to the top of the mountain there are suspension bridges between large rocks. The total time for you to conquer the mountain range and reach Da Bi mountain will take about 2 hours excluding the time to go down, so you need to equip yourself with all the necessary items to not be exhausted in the middle of the journey. road.

Brief introduction about Da Bia mountain

Da Bia Mountain, the literal name is Thach Bi Son, popularly known as Ong Mountain, this is the highest mountain in Dai Lanh massif in Deo Ca mountain range, in Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province. .

History of Da Bia Mountain

Da Bia Mountain is famous for its huge stele rock about 80 m high on the top of the mountain that can still be seen from afar. Legend has it that in 1471, when leading an army to attack Champa, King Le Thanh Tong stayed at the foot of the mountain, ordered his soldiers to climb up and engrave his name, clearly stating the territory of Dai Viet at this place. Therefore, the mountain is called Da Bia mountain.

Da Bia Mountain is about 706m high, standing majestically in the north of the Ca pass range. On the top is a giant rock block 76m high, with a very strange shape, in the early morning or late afternoon, there are often white clouds covering the surrounding, when hidden when showing.

Legend of Da Bia Mountain

Behind the majestic beauty of Da Bia Mountain are legends that have been passed down from the past to the present. The legend of Da Bia Mountain will explain to you why this place is considered by everyone to be the border of Dai Viet before.

In the reign of King Le Thanh Tong, when the king organized a march through this mountain range, he chose the place with the highest mountain peak and had the inscription on the mountain, this is the right place to make the border for the country. Dai Viet was heroic at that time.

Not only that, for each ethnic group, Da Bia Mountain has different distinct meanings. Typically, the story of Da Bia Mountain of the Ede ethnic group, which is derived from the burial tomb of the third wife of Cham King Po Rome, is also very interesting. Although the legends are different, there is a special meaning hidden deep inside that attracts people.

How to get to Da Bia Mountain?

Belonging to the pass range has a large area, so it is also very convenient to move, you can come here by bus and then take a taxi or rent a motorbike.

To have a more reasonable trip on time, you should choose to start the trip early.

Starting from Tuy Hoa city, you run along Highway 1A about 27km to reach Ca Pass first. You will then see a sign indicating the way to the parking area around it. After parking, you walk about 300m to reach Da Bia Mountain.

No matter how you travel here by any means, you should also prepare more snacks and drinks to be able to "rescue hunger" along the way.

When is the best time to travel to Da Bia Mountain?

With Da Bia Mountain, each different season brings a distinct beauty. If in the summer nature is filled with the brilliant yellow of the sun, in the autumn the trees "change new clothes" with a little bit of sadness.

Since this is a destination suitable for climbing experiences, you should go early in the morning to enjoy the fresh air, and enjoy the wonderful sunrise view from above.

Landscape beauty

Along the way, you will see the beauty of this place with ancient trees growing around the two sides of the road, wild flowers racing to flutter in the wind, subtle fragrance to make you relax. and comfortable.

The closer you get to the top, the more you will be overwhelmed by the immense heaven and earth. From this position, you can see the whole of Phu Yen in your sight. The color blue always brings relaxation and comfort in the soul, so when coming to this place, you will be sure that all your fatigue will be swept away by the wind.

The green full of vitality of the trees, the gentle and calm blue of the sea, the blue of the sky, all combine to form a wonderful picture.

Although the experience road is arduous, even making you tired, but just reaching the top of the mountain, your efforts will be rewarded.

Admire the stele mountain through different perspectives.

Da Bia Mountain always has a unique and separate appearance through different perspectives, surprising everyone.

For example, if you look at it from the top of a mountain, you will immediately see a portrait of a majestic lion or a sitting figure if you look back from Bai Xep. And if you look from the side of Hoa Tam school, you will admire the image of Buddha sitting peacefully, calmly... Interesting, isn't it?

What should be noted when traveling to the rocky mountain?

You need to prepare all the necessary equipment but avoid being bulky so as not to affect the moving process.

The road to reach the top of Da Bia Mountain is quite long, you should ideally depart early in the morning.

You should choose comfortable clothes to easily climb the mountain when coming here.

Over thousands of years, Da Bia Mountain is still the same, still standing majestically as proof of the heroic history of our nation. This place is still waiting for people from all over the world to come and admire the beauty given by mother nature.

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