Ho Son Balancing Lake - A prominent check-in spot in Phu Yen

Ho Son Balancing Lake - A prominent check-in spot in Phu Yen

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Thứ 12/09/2023
Sudden free time on a weekend afternoon? Get ready for an exploration and head to Hồ Sơn balancing lake to experience it once. Just stand by the lake, let your soul roam, gaze into the distance, and you'll be immersed in the natural landscape of Tuy Hòa city, blending vibrant and gentle vibes.

Hồ Sơn balancing lake, often referred to as Hồ Sơn, is a tranquil and picturesque natural destination located in the Tuy Hòa area of Phú Yên province, Vietnam. This place has captivated many travelers to the land of Nẫu (Phú Yên) with its beauty.

Introducing Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake

Geographical Location of Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake

Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake is situated in Ward 5, Tuy Hòa City, Phú Yên Province. This balancing lake is located within the Hồ Sơn residential area, running along both sides of Trần Phú Street.

Besides its natural beauty, Phú Yên has also left a deep impression and attracted numerous visitors due to the artificial structures created by the skillful hands of the local people. One of these remarkable man-made structures is Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake.

History of Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake

This project was initiated with the primary purpose of water regulation and flood prevention in Tuy Hòa City. With an initial investment of over 20 hectares, the project was completed, resulting in a stunning lake with crystal-clear water right in the heart of the city. Therefore, in addition to its primary function of regulating water, it has become a recreational and sightseeing spot not only for the locals but also for tourists visiting Phú Yên.

The Ideal Time to Admire the Beauty of Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake

According to those who have visited Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake, the best time to go is around 4 PM to fully appreciate the magnificent scenery. Around this time, after 4 PM, when the sunlight is less intense, and the weather becomes cooler, the atmosphere becomes more pleasant. During sunset, with the remaining rays of the sun casting a red glow across the sky, the landscape becomes incredibly romantic and picturesque.

With its truly pleasant atmosphere, Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake is increasingly attracting a diverse crowd of visitors. Locals living near the lake often come here for leisurely walks, while children play and have fun. Some sit in contemplation, soaking in the scenery, while others relax and enjoy the sunset. All of this combines to create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere.

Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake is open to both locals and tourists, and entrance is completely free. Therefore, you can visit anytime you like!

The Outstanding Beauty of Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake

Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake, although relatively new as a destination, has quickly made an unforgettable impression on tourists and local residents alike. The overall design features gentle, flowing curves, giving the impression of a lively and serene water painting.

Viewed from above, Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake appears like clouds gently floating above the Chóp Chài Mountain. If you take a walk around the lake, you'll discover numerous beautiful photo spots. Those who enjoy capturing "street style" photos will find this place irresistible.

Thanks to its softly curved design and the addition of bridges, visitors can capture close-up, mid-range, or panoramic photos with ease. There are two locations in particular that visitors love, the lakeside path and the bridge. These two spots are incredibly beautiful, spacious, and very romantic.

It can be said that Hồ Sơn Lake is an ideal destination in Phú Yên, with a unique beauty distinct from other famous tourist spots. Part of this uniqueness is due to it being a newly constructed man-made structure, but most of it comes from its impressive design. The presence of curved railings resembling dragons adds a magical touch for visitors to admire.

If you are not particularly interested in photography but simply want a place to take a leisurely stroll, you can walk with family and friends along the lakeside path. The winding path, combined with sitting pillars, creates a very poetic and serene atmosphere, like the beautiful scenes in Korean movies.

Tips for Exploring the Beauty of Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake

According to the experiences of travelers who have been to Phú Yên, the best time to admire the natural beauty is in the morning, from 7 AM to 8:30 AM. During this time, when the sun is just rising, the gentle sunlight creates a beautiful, not too harsh, environment. Additionally, the lake is relatively less crowded during this period, making it convenient for photography.

If you wish to experience the area in the afternoon, be prepared that it will be crowded from around 4 PM to 6 PM. During this time, you can only walk around the lake and enjoy the scenery as taking photos might be difficult due to the large number of people in the frame.

However, the late afternoon is a romantic time to capture sunset photos. Therefore, choose the time that suits your photography preferences when visiting Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake in Phú Yên.

The diverse beauty at Hồ Sơn Balancing Lake offers various photo opportunities, so be sure to bring your favorite outfits for photography.

Since there isn't much shade around the lake, you may encounter mild to strong sunlight during the day. Remember to wear a face mask, apply sunscreen, wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, or bring an umbrella.

A must-have when experiencing this place is your phone and camera. Enjoying the "virtual world" without your equipment would be a significant miss.

If you plan to walk around the lake, choose a comfortable pair of sneakers and bring enough drinking water. Don't forget to maintain general cleanliness and avoid littering in the lake area.

In Conclusion

In recent years, tourism in Phú Yên has seen remarkable development thanks to the presence of exceptionally attractive natural landscapes. In addition to familiar destinations like Ghềnh Đá Đĩa, Mũi Điện Lighthouse, Bãi Xép, consider visiting this place once to experience a very different aspect of Phú Yên's beauty.

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