Phu Yen specialties: 3 kinds of Phu Yen specialties suitable as gifts

Phu Yen specialties: 3 kinds of Phu Yen specialties suitable as gifts

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Thứ 03/11/2023
Phu Yen specialties. Red fruit, yellow pineapple and tiny durian are 3 specialty fruits of Phu Yen that are loved by many tourists when visiting this land of yellow flowers on green grass.

Recently, Phu Yen is an attractive place for domestic and foreign tourists because not only has the majestic wild beauty but also owns many famous specialties. If you are planning to travel to Phu Yen and want to learn about fruit specialties as gifts, please refer to the following article:

Phu Yen red fruit.

Phu Yen red fruit (other names: earth strawberry, sour fruit, or earth strawberry) is a typical tree of the highlands of Van Hoa - Phu Yen in September to November each year.

The climate here is quite cool, so it is very suitable for this plant to grow. In addition, this is also a native tree, planted in the garden for shade by people.

Phu Yen Red Fruit

What season is the best Phu Yen red fruit?

From December of the previous year, the red fruit tree at the time of strong growth. At first, mounds emerge on the trunk, and from there will grow small clusters of gray fruits. As they grow older, the fruit gradually turns red, which is very eye-catching. By the end of the 7th lunar month of the following year, the fruit begins to ripen, but the main ripening season begins around before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Red fruits grow in clusters around the trunk, from the base to the top of the luxuriant fruit. There are big perennial trees, two or three people hug, ripe red fruits surround the tree, looking very beautiful. Red fruits also have a unique flavor: the red fruits at the bottom have a sour taste, but the higher they go, the less sour ones at the top, have a very strange sweet taste.

Value of red fruit Phu Yen?

The period of ripe red fruit is also the time when traders start looking to the gardens to choose the trees with many ripe fruits to buy, pick, and then distribute to the markets. This is also the time when both professional and amateur photographers find the best camera angle.

Also because of the beautiful and impressive images of red fruit trees, in recent years, groups of tourists have come to this land to visit and take pictures, the entrance fee is about 10,000 VND / person, contributing to creating a nuance. new tourism for this highland land.

Phu Yen Golden Pineapple

Phu Yen yellow pineapple is grown most in Phu Hoa district, where it can be considered as the capital of the golden pineapple land. Due to the suitable soil and climate, the pineapple here has a lot of water, the flesh is yellow, it has a sweet taste, and has a very specific aroma.

Phu Yen Golden Pineapple

Is Phu Yen golden pineapple expensive?

With an area of about 600 hectares with nearly 200 households in Hoa Quang Nam, Hoa Quang Bac, Hoa Dinh Tay communes and Phu Hoa town, Phu Hoa district, it creates a famous Dong Din pineapple growing area both inside and outside. conscious.

Around October every year, this is the time when the pineapple is ripe and golden, traders are busy buying pineapples in the field with prices ranging from 60-90 thousand VND a dozen. Most of the pineapple growing area here is grown according to VietGap standards and in the coming years, Phu Hoa district will set up a project to expand the farming area, calling for more businesses to invest in processing facilities to ensure stable output for farmers.

What does Phu Yen yellow pineapple do?

When in the harvest season, the pineapples are carefully harvested, avoiding crushing, then peeled, cut eyes, cut into pieces and then soaked in salt water. Next, pineapple raw materials will be taken to factories processing dried pineapple, pineapple juice, pineapple cake, etc.

In addition, pineapple is also known as the "Queen" of fruits, so unprocessed pineapple is also the kind that people like to eat to cool down, as well as becoming an ingredient for stir-fried dishes. cook at home.

Tiny durian

Tiny durian

Tiny durian is known as the most delicious "Phu Yen fruit specialties". The durian fruits can fit in the palm of the hand, each segment is only 1/3 as big as the normal durian fruit. Although the fruit is small and beautiful, but in terms of taste, greasy, deliciously delicious.

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